Affordable CO² Gas Exchange


This container has been and only should be filled and inspected by Soda Exchange. Filling by those not authorised by Soda Exchange can be dangerous.

Soda Exchange guarantees this container and its contents when it has been filled by it and is fitted with a Soda Exchange tamper-proof seal.

Should you no longer require this container, you may return it, undamaged to Soda Exchange, and receive a refund of AUD 5.

Cylinders always remain the property of Soda Exchange.

By exchanging with us, you agree to all terms and conditions.

Soda Exchange has no affiliation with any other soda brands. Our cylinders can not be exchanged by other vendors.


1) The contents of this container are under pressure. There is a risk of explosion.

2) This container should be periodically checked for general condition and leakage. Do not use the container if it shows signs of damage. 

3) Keep container below 50°C in a well-ventilated place and store in a location free from fire risk, corrosion, and away from heat and ignition sources.

4) Never interfere with or pierce this container and ensure the valve and sleeve remain in place.

5) This container is for use with suitable soda makers only.

6) Keep away from children.